Saturday, July 18, 2015


                                               The MIGHTY KBC on 9925 Khz

On Saturday nights at 00:00 utc to 03:00 utc The MIGHTY KBC plays great music with a great signal into North America. With a library of top hits that span the decades, you won't be disappointed. Peter Quinn is the DJ tonight followed by Uncle Eric.

KBC is the brainchild of former pirate broadcaster Eric van Willegen, who says he used to broadcast from Dutch high-rise apartments and ships at sea until he grew weary of being raided by the authorities.

Recently, The MIGHTY KBC has been running test broadcasts to North America on 9925 Khz. Their regular english language broadcast is on 6095 Khz. Shortwave is far more popular in Europe than in the United States. Lots of European vehicles have car radios that cover the shortwave bands, so it makes sense that The Mighty KBC is popular amongst the European truckers and people who can travel across the continent while listening to great music.

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