Wednesday, July 13, 2016

General Electric p780 E

I picked up this GE P780E radio from eBay. It was made in 1960 right here in the USA. I updated the electrolytic capacitors, sprayed some DeOxit in the volume control - power switch, re-attached the large ferrite core antenna (the plastic clips had long since rotted and broken) and polished it up. 

Some have said that this was the finest solid state AM radio ever made. This radio was designed to sound like a tube radio with it's eight transistors. The antenna is a very large ferrite rod 5/8 inches thick and approximately 7 inches long. Behind the solid metal grill, is a 5 inch speaker. In conjunction with the tone control, this radio has a real full and warm sound to it. The case on this radio is a chrome covered metal with the back of the case being an AVS type thick plastic. With the six D cell batteries, this radio weighs around 12 pounds. This is a very solid and durable radio.

I was amazed at the number of daytime stations I was able to tune in. WCCO is 200 miles from me, and I was able to listen to their station without having to strain too badly. Overall, I am very pleased with this radio.

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